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iHack 3.0: Arriving at UCSC

Early Saturday morning on the 7th of October, we made our way to the UCSC.
A slight drizzle has already started to set in as we found the door to halls W001 and W002 inside the campus. Despite the gloomy weather outside, indoors was a bustling mass of excited undergraduates. They have all arrived here with the big ideas in their minds and an ambition to make them a reality.

The iHack 3.0 hackathon was about to begin.

iHack 3.0: What is iHack?

Organized by the UCSC ISACA Student group, iHack is an inter-university hackathon running the span of 24 hours. Going under the motto “Think. Code. Build” the hackathon has 15 teams coding till the very end to come up with an innovative solution in one of their chosen venues. Students from both Local as well as Private universities will “hack” through the night up to the next morning in a race against time to have their ideas implemented successfully.

At the launch of the hackathon, the teams were addressed by Mr. Arjuna Nanayakkara, General Manager of Mubasher DirectFN as well as Dr. Ruwan Weerasinghe, Senior Lecturer and Former Director of UCSC.

Dr. Ruwan Weerasinghe’s speech – Image credits by VEVRA

They encouraged the participants to not limit their ideas and products to this competition alone, but to take them out to the world.

Mr. Arjuna Nanayakkara’s speech – Image credits by VEVRA

Afterwards, the previous year’s iHack hackathon winner presented his team’s innovative solution and what led them to victory. His advice to the participants was to have a solution with elegance and marketability. One that is not overloaded with advanced technology but simple in its execution and concept while at the same time is able to generate value and revenue.

Mr. Dhanushka Chandana addressing the audience – Image credits by VEVRA

Finally, there was a speech by Mr. Dhanushka Chandana; president of the UCSC ISACA student group who laid out the rules and regulations of the competition. He concluded by wishing the competitors luck and an enjoyable time.

Then the competitors moved to the adjacent room where tables and chairs were neatly laid out in a grid. Once the chairs were occupied and the laptops were activated, the coding began.

Competitors taking advice – Image credits by VEVRA

iHack 3.0: Idea Roundup

After a couple of hours of intense brainstorming, the teams had a rough idea of what they were going to work on. When asked to describe their projects in only one sentence, this is what they told us;

Team SMILE:) from SLIIT – Advanced Level stream grader
Team TEMPTA from SLIIT – The future of blood donation
Team iWaffle from UCSC – A platform that connects farmer and suppliers
Team CodeMins from UOR – Tool to help parents monitor their children’s social media activities
Team Revolution from UVT – Service to empower quality of rural education
Team Rungeeks from UOR – A way to help people with vision impairments
Team Hope from UOM – Providing better health service to everyone
Team Aconite from University of Jaffna – An Eco-friendly billing system
Team CodersInTraining from IIT – A service to connect Urban Teachers and Rural students
Team TeknoArts from KDU – A learning application for students with learning impairments
Team Zenith from UOM – A web platform for students and teachers to increase the quality of education
Team NetCloud from UOR – Flu-shot predicting system for humanity resilience
Team Codesylla from UOK – Web portal for abolishing poverty and connecting people
Team Whizkids from University of Sri Jayawardenepura – Online counselling platform
Team 3 Musketeers from UOK – A platform to connect good hearts

With these ideas, the teams got to work.
They really had to hurry since the clock was ticking and the judging was due to take place not long after.

iHack 3.0: The Top 3

Judging taking place – Image credits by VEVRA

After 24 hours of intense coding, it was time for the first round of judging of the hackathon to take place. Of the 15 initial teams, 5 of the best ones were selected and a ‘finale’ round was held to pick the top 3.

At 12:30 pm the judges gave their final verdict and the results were in. The winners of iHack 3.0 are as follows;

2nd Runner up – Team Tempta from SLIIT

Team Tempta – Image credits by VEVRA

1st Runner up – Team iWaffle from UCSC

Team iWaffle – Image credits by VEVRA

WINNER – Team TeknoArts from KDU

Team TeknoArts – Image credits by VEVRA

As the awards were handed over, the iHack 3.0 hackathon came to a close.
From what we saw, there were several brilliant ideas brought up here from both winners and non-winners alike. If implemented properly we could see many of them becoming actual startups one day.

While congratulating the winners on a job well done we look forward to seeing more great ideas at iHack 4.0 next year.

iHack 3.0: Get your Laptop swag on

But the winners of iHack 3.0 weren’t the only ones to take home a prize!
During the event, Hackathons.lk hosted a competition to celebrate the “Laptop Swag” of the competitors. To participate the competitors had to paste Hackathons.lk and CloudCone stickers on the back of their laptops and take a pic which they needed to upload to Facebook with the hashtag #SwagWithHackathonsLK .

Those who uploaded the most creative and popular pics got valuable cloud hosting and computing packages from CloudCone. At the end of the hackathon the winners were picked and here they are;

Most Creative  –  Harshana Serasinghe

Harshana Serasingha’s laptop swag

2nd Runner up – Azir Yasin

Azir Yasin’s laptop swag

1st Runner up – TJ Tharindu

TJ Tharju’s laptop swag

Winner – Shanaka Anuradha

Shanaka Anuradha’s laptop swag

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