Hackathon Preview: CodeSprint 3.0

Eat, Sleep, CodeSprint

CodeSprint 3.0: Let the Startup Battle begin!

What originally started out as Sri Lanka’s first inter-university Hackathon; “CodeSprint” is now in its 3rd iteration for 2018. To get some more details as to how this year’s competition is different we reached out to the organizers.
This is what they had to say about CodeSprint 3.0

CodeSprint 3.0: A Word from the Organizers

Can you introduce yourself as the Organizer?

CodeSprint was the pioneer inter-university hackathon, but this time around, we are turning towards a new approach; a Startup Battle.

Hackathons were originally intended to bring products out into the startup ecosystems. But over years, hackathons have reached a point of omnipresence; and yet the main objective is not met. The hard reality of not having a fundamental knowledge of the business revolving around an idea, is not well versed with our tech undergrads.
This year we want to take these amazing ideas and craft a platform to bring them up as MVP’s; investment and business ready.

Could you describe the theme this Hackathon is based on?

CodeSprint is not limited to a theme. But, we strive towards the objective of crafting a platform for young entrepreneurs to emerge, during their undergrad stages. This would not only help them with their careers, but also lay a solid foundation for entrepreneurs to emerge who are well versed with the market needs.

What makes this Hackathon stand out from the rest?

The simplicity of breaking the Hackathon culture.
We have come to point of understanding that Hackathons are used best to nurture the coding skills of participants.
But the ideal goal of bringing businesses out of a hackathon is not achievable within a 24 hour period.

Not everyone will have the knowledge of running a tech startup and the hard reality of the market. CodeSprint this year addresses these pain points of Hackathons and strives to give a platform for potential technopreneurs to rise and get noticed.

Anything you would like to say to potential participants?

CodeSprint is not just a competition. It’s an opportunity to begin and refine your entrepreneurial endeavor.

CodeSprint 3.0: How To

Feel like you want to participate?

You can register here with the team leader filling the form.
But better hurry since the registration deadline is closing in at 12 midnight on the 10th of February!

For more details, you can check out the CodeSprint website or the event Facebook page.

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