Hackathon Preview: LetMeHack V1.0

Against the Tide

LetMeHack V1.0: A Hack for Products

It’s always refreshing to see debut Hackathons.
It’s even more refreshing to see Hackathons that take a deviation from the usual path and go a different route.

Naturally, we were curious…

To get some more details as to how their hack is different we reached out to the organizers.
This is what they had to say about LetMeHack V1.0.

LetMeHack V1.0: A Word from the Organizers

Can you introduce yourself as the Organizer?

LetMeHACK 2K18 will be the first ever product oriented inter-university hackathon in the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

It is organized and empowered by the Department of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) and the Society of Computer Sciences (SOCS).The sponsors of the hackathon include Ideamart, Gapstars, Hackathons.lk and Lakspace.com.

What’s the idea behind this Hackathon?

You may have already seen hackathons that encourage youth to get together to come up with creative things.

We believe LetMeHACK will be an evolution of the existing hackathon culture and an excellent opportunity for IT undergraduates of various universities in the island to be recognized by industry-specific people.
Also, we hope to let you witness a different kind of hackathon event that will prompt you to work together collaboratively with other participants.

If you wish to experience this, be prepared to understand about high-quality tech implementations that use trendy and eminent technologies in the field.    

Could you describe the theme this Hackathon is based on?

LetMeHACK is going to be launched with the ultimate goal of creating a community of educated youth who have innovative ideas.

Youth who can work collaboratively in order to implement software products that can assist businesses in the modern world while understanding the standards and needs of the real-world dilemmas.
Additionally, whatever questions you are having about best technologies in the market, about experienced personnel in the field and about the problems nations face which can all be solved using software solutions, you can get answers to all that and more when you participate in LetMeHACK.

What makes this Hackathon stand out from the rest?

We are not hoping to present you a traditional event like most of the hackathons in Sri Lanka have been doing up to now.

If you are the youth who can innovate creative software solutions and ideas to the world, this will be a better place to start with. Unlike algorithm or idea hackathons which is more geared towards academics,  a product-oriented hackathon will give you a genuine taste of what it is like to build an actual product which will indefinitely become beneficial for your future career.

Additionally, the venue of this event is also a very tranquil place in Belihuloya where you can work without stress while viewing the beauty of the surroundings.
What other hackathon can make that claim?

LetMeHack V1.0: How To

For more details, you can check out the LetMeHack website or the event Facebook page.

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